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2018 Chardonnay

2018 Chardonnay
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/ Russian River Valley
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The Vintage
The 2018 vintage will be one described by poets and songwriters…it was a season of
dreams. The harvest began in earnest the second week of September, which is
considered normal in most years, but for the past three or four harvests it would seem
late. The season was of almost perfect pace and timing, with fruit ripening on a gradual
scale which allowed for a much more relaxed tenor to the usual more frantic time of
year. The term “hang-time” gets used a lot in describing harvests, but 2018 sure proved
to be the harvest of hang-time. A moderate summer, leading to a moderate fall weather
pattern allowed for full flavor development across all varieties.

Time honored, traditional, and hand crafted are the words I use to
describe my wine-making style. This Chardonnay is selected row by row and bunch by
bunch from our Russian River Valley Ranch vineyard. The whole bunches of grapes are
placed into the press and gently squeezed to extract the juice. The juice is then cold
settled with no additions made. After 24-36 hours of cold settling the juice is transferred
to 100% French oak barrels in which 35-45% are new. The remaining 60-65 % of the
barrels are one and two years old. A special mix of the previous vintage’s lees is added
to the juice as well as a selection of new yeast. The yeast that is used is a Bourgogne
strain called CY3079. The juice ferments in the barrel and ages for 13 months.

Tasting Notes
This wine is rich and inviting with a firm structure and a lingering
finish. Alluring notes of butterscotch, caramel, and lemon rind fill the bouquet. A
youthful and energetic wine, the Trione 2018 Chardonnay will age gracefully for years
to come. Enjoy!

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Russian River Valley
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