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Estate Grown Olive Oil

Estate Grown Olive Oil
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/ Alexander Valley

This cultivar tends to be highly productive in ideal growing conditions and is self-pollinating or can be an excellent pollinator for other cultivars. Frantoio olives are rich in oil, notably aromatic and yield very fruity flavors.

Considered one of the primary cultivars, this variety is fast growing and high producing. Leccino olives are mildly fruity with a delicate herbal/grassy flavor profile that leads to a spicy finish.

A Tuscan original, these trees boast abundant, but small, fruit. Maurino olives have a surprising amount of flesh for their size, due to a small pit, and they produce a very sweet and aromatic oil.

Named for its pendulous branching the Pendolino cultivars are appreciated for their high fruit production and generosity as a pollinator. These early ripening olives have a slightly lower oil content but yield nutty, buttery flavors.