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2022 Rose of Pinot Noir

2022 Rose of Pinot Noir
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/ Russian River Valley
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The Vintage
2022 looked like it was going to be year 4 or 5 of drought conditions with below average winter rains but some late spring rains came to the rescue and aided in canopy growth, which would become essential later in the summer.  Late spring and early summer growing conditions were ideal although crop yields looked to be slightly lower than average.  Harvest began for Trione on August 23rd with our first delivery of Russian River Valley Pinot.  Harvest was off to a good start until California experienced an early September heat spike with consecutive record-breaking temperature days.

Grape growers and winemakers were faced with the decision to hurry up and pick or wait until the plant recovered and began accumulating sugars again (which is about a two-week cycle from plant shut down to restart).  Those that waited took the gamble that the raisened fruit and burnt leaves could be salvaged.  Thankfully with the well-developed canopies protecting much of the fruit from sunburn and raisening, and early picking decisions made by Trione, we were able to get our full tonnages of excellent quality fruit.  The cellar and vineyard crews will remember 2022 as a fast and furious harvest with 97% of Trione’s fruit being crushed by September 17th.  


Early morning, whole cluster, hand-harvesting was implemented in the making of the Rosé. The grapes were destemmed and placed into an 80-hectoliter tank press to rest for 12 hours under a blanket of dry ice. After 12 hours the free run juice was drained to a tank, no pressing was done. The wine was cold settled for two days then racked off the sediment and moved to another tank. The juice was analyzed and additions made including a Burgundian yeast selection called RC212. The juice was then placed into neutral French oak barrels and the fermentation began. Fermentation lasted about 3 weeks after which the barrels were topped and SO2 added. The barrels then remained in the cellar, aging for four months.

Tasting Notes

Rosé is synonymous with spring and summer, when you are looking to break out the picnic baskets.  This year’s Rosé has aromas of fresh strawberries and raspberries. On the palate, you can find notes of fresh cream, citrus, and watermelon candy.  Pair with your favorite charcuterie board and say hello to warmer weather. 


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Russian River Valley
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